What we will do

A few years back it was impossible to do this experience. Nowadays. thanks to the implementation of cable car, we can go up to Barrio El Paraíso and know the social projects and the people involved in them. Also, their community stories.

We work with community leaders who are involved  in social projects of the neighborhood el Paraíso.

From June 2019 we will begin our experience  at 4:00 pm ending at 6:30 so you can enjoy the  city day time on the way up, different views of the sunsets of Bogotá, and night time on the way down.

It´s been challenging for the people of the paradise , but the park is almost ready and don´t get it wrong but the best view of Bogotá is not Monserrate anymore, come and discover why el Paraiso has a lot to offer.

“Don’t be a tourist…be a traveller” 

1.The meeting point is The Station of Portal Tunal or we offer Hotel pick up,  from la Candelaria and the other localitien of Bogotá.

2. Presentation of the translator, description, recommendations and duration of the tour.

3. Taking the metro cable to Paradise neighborhood. 15 minutes.

4. Presentation of the local guide and guided walk through the artistic streeth of the colorful Bogotá neighborhood.

5. Visit to the most representative places of the neighborhood and explanation of the history of the town.

6. Visit to the viewpoint where you can enjoy the best panoramic view of the city 180ª. Recently the park with the best view of Bogotá open.

7. Taste of a local snack

8. Return in Transmicable to the Portal Tunal station

9. Return in Transmilenio to the prefered site.

10. Bye bye. email exchanging and hugs