Social Project & Cable Car in Bogotá

Meet the leaders of this social Project

The leaders of this neghborhoods have a compromise to help others whit their actions.Every day they show their support to the community leading this tours.

Enjoy the view on the way up to "El Paraiso"

Who are we helping? How are we helping?

Hola, i am Angie and grow up in el Paraiso, and now i have been working to improve others peoples lives.

How? first i thought about work to improve my own life then i become a social worker, it sounds easy but it wasn´t, since i took 4 hours of transportation every day.

College in Colombia is 5 years. We didn´t had cablecar. i took the bus to go Portal tunal, 1 hour and then 1 hour to go to the school. Monday to Friday. It was a challenge. Now, i learn the skills needed  to help more people in this incredible neighborhood.

Whit your visit to the neighborhood you donate 25% of the payment to this vulnerable communities, and to the social leaders as myself that care about the people who live here.

This is kind of spoiler of what we like to show the people in the  tour. If you are reading it must be that you are interested.

 The old people play a very important role in our community, in this place that you see they come to have activities. They are very important for us, and they deserve a better place, therefore why are trying to raise more founds to improve this place.

Currently the place don´t have more leaks. The place still need work in the inside, and the number of old people is really high in this communities, therefore taking this tour not only learn the history of the neighborhood, but you also help to improve it.

“Come and learn how these communities work together to make a decent living”

"Experience tells us something we did not know before and could not learn, without having had the experience."

We meet by Portal Tunal, and star the  experience from there.

We pick you up at your place by la Candelaria

We think about your comfort, therefore we offer Hotel pick up outside la Candelaria

We meet by Monserrate, to star the 6 hours tour 

"If you're interested in the socio-economic aspects of Bogota by getting a unique experience in the neighborhood of Paraíso, then this is highly recommended!"
Holland (september 2019)
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Camilo (the biker)
Michael (the artist)
Francisco Translator
Monica Translator
Andrea local guide


Local guides,communnity leaderes,artist, translators, everyone involved in this amazing experience!